Can Your Eye Cream Save The World?

Sure, a great eye cream can work miracles – reducing fine lines and wrinkles while restoring a youthful glow.  Which is magic in its own right, but save the world?  SPFX: Eye roll!

But all eye creams (and beauty products in general) are not created equal.  And it is the process by which they are crafted in which we really see what makes them special.  At Mia Tempo, we strive to evangelize products crafted by entrepreneurs who are passionate about natural and organic products.  Importantly, though, we try to seek out those rare individuals who share our values for sustainable and socially conscious products.

Jody Berry, the founder of Wild Carrot Herbals is just that type of person.  She and her company are on a mission to create honest, nutrient-rich and joyful products at fair prices.  To do this, Jody sources organic ingredients without GMOs; often growing them on her family’s biodynamic farm.  She strives to use local and fair trade products whenever possible.  Even packaging for Wild Carrot Herbals products is considered through an environmental prism; boxes are completely recyclable and compostable.  They’ve even found ways to avoid using plastic shrink wrap!

So what happens when you first try one of Jody’s Eye Creams?  For sure, you get a wildly popular eye cream packed with essential oils, indulgent moisturizers and nutrients that also happens to work like magic.  But you are also buying a product that has helped Jody to create jobs for 5 amazing employees.  You are supporting local farmers and growers who happily supply Wild Carrot Herbals with the finest organic ingredients.  You help grow fair trade and the use of environmentally conscious packaging.  Best of all, you are also helping to realize the dream of spreading joy to others and caring for our planet.

All of this while looking fab?  True, it may not save the entire world, but it’s a heckuva start.  For that, we are proud to support Jody and her amazing team at Wild Carrot Herbals!

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