The Power of One

After the Boston Marathon bombings, after the horror, the trauma and the sorrow – how is it possible to get up every day and endeavor to empower and inspire the people in our lives that we love?

At Mia Tempo, we’ve been wrestling with this over the past 48 hours.  For many of us, it seems as if the small act of kindness we attempt each and every day can pale in significance to the attention the cruel and hateful acts of a few sickened individuals can garner.

So what can we do, singularly and collectively, in the face of overwhelming horror, pain and suffering?

We do the only thing we can – we continue to believe in the innate goodness of our friends, families and neighbors.  We say prayers for the injured and the families of the victims who died.

We pass along the stories of the many brave people in Boston on Monday who ran towards the explosions to help others.  We note how they risked their own lives as they tore down a steel barricade in order to get closer to the victims and provide aid and comfort.  We give thanks to the runners in the race who kept running to the hospitals to give blood – until the doctors had to turn them away because they had too many donations.

We share stories of the Starbuck’s manager who set up an impromptu feeding table to help the first responders and the volunteers – and how numerous passersby donated thousands of dollars to keep the efforts funded.  We note the valor of the anonymous hero who jumped into the fray to help a young woman who was in shock having been seriously wounded by shrapnel – calming her down by showing her the scars he received from shrapnel as a soldier in Afghanistan and telling her she would be okay.

Mostly today, we remember that for every evil act, there are a hundred, a thousand, a million acts of kindness and love.  We find solace in the realization that moments like these do not weaken Americans, but rather it shows the innate goodness of our collective strength.  Finally, we resolve to work that much harder each and every day to find ways large and small to empower and inspire all the goodness that exists in our world.  We believe in our hearts in the power of one kind act to change the world.

For our charity donation in the month of May, Mia Tempo will donate a portion of our proceeds to The One Fund Boston – a charity set up by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino to help raise money for families most affected by the bombings.  If you are interested in helping, more information can be found at

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