Do a Little Every Day – But Do It Every Day!

My family and I have just returned home from a trip to Europe for work and play. I traveled to England, France, Italy and Spain to better understand how Europeans use (and think about!) organic beauty, bath and skin care products.

Although I’ve been to the ‘Old Country’ before (in my case, France where my mother was born) this time I was struck by subtle differences I hadn’t noticed on previous visits. The women I spent time with, whether from the city or countryside, all had something in common; they didn’t seem hurried or frazzled like I too often feel. In fact, they exuded a sense of health & calm. I asked myself – “Are their lives so different than mine?”

I thought of my experiences with my French family and recalled my aunts and grandmother in the mornings as they performed a time honored bathing ritual; the “toilette.” It struck me that European women allow themselves (yes allow!) a little time every day to indulge themselves whether that is an at-home beauty treatment such as a facial or just a nice soak in the tub. They don’t view it as a special treat; it’s just part of the way they live their lives – period.

As a result, they have no guilt or worry about taking a little ‘Me Time’ to themselves; in fact they view it as an essential part of being a woman. It’s their version of the anti-stress treatment that everyone in the US always talks about and desires. Perhaps, I thought, the European women have figured it out simply because it’s been passed down to them through the generations. For mothers, teaching their daughters to take some time every for themselves is seen as necessary for promoting one’s health – not to mention sanity! Do a little every day – but do it every day seems to be their motto.

I understand that life for women like me at home is in many ways vastly different from the European women I met. They don’t seem to have the burden of chauffeuring their children to countless activities or multiple schools. And yes, their work hours are shorter and their vacations longer than ours. But that’s no excuse for women here to deny themselves a few moments every day to relax, refresh and renew themselves. It’s essential for us all to take time to relieve stress and renew our minds, bodies and spirits.

So I’ve decide to try a little experiment: I’m going to attempt and make more ‘Me Time’ for myself; at least a little every day. I work hard for my business not to mention at home taking care of my family and household. I have to remind myself that I deserve it – don’t we all? So, I promise to ‘allow’ myself a few moments every day just for me; whether that’s a quiet cup of tea and few pages of a book, a much deserved facial or luxurious, unhurried bath – or even just a walk with friends to a local Starbucks. But most importantly: I will not feel guilty! A little every day, but I will do it every day!

Won’t you join me?    

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